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Search Engine Optimization, SEO or Internet Marketing is the use of popular keywords that are implemented into the text of a web site. Keywords are words that are directly related to your site – so if your site sells jewelry, you would use keywords like jewelry, jewelry products, jewelry accessories, gold bracelets, diamond necklaces and anything else that is related to the site. Now it’s a good idea to use words in your content that are related to what your site is about, but sometimes that isn’t enough. You will need to research the top keywords that are actually being used by consumers and then use them to gain more visibility on search engines. As an Internet Marketing agency, this is a service we can provide for your business. Our web marketing experts will generate a list of keywords that are highly used and strategically place them within your site. This will get your site ranking higher on search engines which in turn will increase the exposure and traffic to your site.

Over 80% of Internet users depend on search engines to find products and services. CWS lists your business on leading search engines, such as:

CWS Website Marketing is an easy, cost effective search engine marketing service that helps businesses like yours stay competitive and attract new customers by listing your business with major search engines.

Until now, most small businesses have assumed that search engine marketing was out of their reach – too technical, too complex or too time-consuming. With CWS, no technical skills or search engine expertise is needed because We manage and track your search engine marketing campaigns for you.

For as little as $53.95, CWS can help you start connecting with the millions of people everyday who use search engines to look for new products and services. It’s fast, easy and guaranteed to deliver results.

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