There are strategists that can plan it, designers that can make it pretty, developers that can make it work, and marketers that can make it sell — at CWS, you get it all in one agile team working collectively to make your business goals a reality.

〉〉 The Company

CWS is built to add value for customers in an ever-changing business climate. Today, agility, flexibility and effectiveness are keys to survival and success. CWS maintains professional relationships with the leading technology developers, providers and professionals throughout the nation, allowing perspective and purchasing power around new technologies. In most projects, CWS becomes a single point of contact for all customer technical needs.

Technology success relies on proper communication, good documentation, and technical expertise. We focus on our client’s business goals and how technology can make them more effective, competitive and profitable. Our long-term relationship with customers allows us to communicate the business ‘end-results’ of a technology solution to the TEAM and then focus on producing the ‘business results’ through the technology.

For CWS, the technology alone is not the goal, but rather how the technology improves our clients’ business.

Founded in 1999, CWS is the culmination of decades of systems consulting experience for CWS President Abraham Williams and the team of technology professionals working at CWS.

For the last 20 years, CWS has successfully coordinated the resources of various vendors, and technology specialists for the benefit of our customers. Through our continued affiliation with leaders we continue to deliver results based solutions to our client’s technology and business challenges.

CWS has earned the respect of the community with their service and technology deliverables and has the distinction of being recognized:

〉〉 Our Philosophy

Our business model is geared toward establishing long-term, mutually beneficial relationships based on trust. For this reason, we offer single price, monthly Managed Service Agreements to provide support and consulting services to our clients. Through the execution of a Managed Service Agreement our customers receive services for a fixed monthly budget and additional projects at a reduced rate.

Our managed service agreements may include onsite, remote and phone support and helpdesk and usually include virus protection, installation of Windows updates, alerts, programmed responses and troubleshooting of issues that arise. In addition, we perform test restores of backups, security and procedures audits, documentation, software and hardware upgrade guidance, broadband and phone system recommendations and others.

The terms of these agreements are flexible, and we work to reach an understanding that meets your specific support and budget needs. These agreements are beneficial to all parties involved and allow us to provide the best possible service to you. They guarantee that you receive the help you need and allow us time to familiarize ourselves with the way you do business, which enables us to provide better service and recommendations from a fixed monthly technology budget.

We take steps to learn how you intend to use technology. We offer training to your staff for proper use of your technology. We document our projects, and provide you with all of the important information they need to maintain and support your systems and infrastructure. Our Managed Service Customers enjoy the following benefits:

  • Fixed Monthly budgets
  • Selectable levels of included support (Complete, Remote, etc)
  • Continued relationship with CWS so that your business needs & goals are understood
  • Reduced budgets for emergency situations
  • Flexible and creative solutions to real business problems
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